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8W multifunctional portable speaker
Model: J0443
Functions: Bluetooth, USB, AUX, FM
Bluetooth: Jerry Bluetooth 3
Speaker: 4 inches *1
Power: 8W
Product size: 130*150*100mm
Battery: 600mah
This type of portable remote wireless Bluetooth speaker is the most popular outdoor Bluetooth speakers, small volume sound clear, can play MP3 card, radio function, low power consumption of battery products, durable, environmental protection materials, novel style, quality is very good, whether it is domestic or export are very suitable for.
Product description:
Support iapd, ipad2, new, iPad, iPad, mini, iPhone, and Samsung, HTC, motorcycles, NOKIA and other Bluetooth mobile phones and various Bluetooth computers and other equipment, wireless transmission of audio!
1. Bluetooth 4.1 version
Can connect all kinds of brand mobile phones, IPAD Tablet PC, automotive Bluetooth, and other Bluetooth devices, 4.1 version of the transmission signal fast, 15 meters distance, stable and clear, to solve the usual long wire, short wiring problems! Wireless, where you want it, where you want it. Using Bluetooth to connect the phone, speakers with microphones, you can easily use, zero radiation, good for the body.
2.TF card music playback function
Full rate compatible: from 64K to 320K, compatible with all MP3 bit rates at present
3.FM radio function
It has wide range of locking and strong locking ability. The directional sensitivity of the radio quality is greatly reduced by using the LC frequency selection technique, which is different from different regions, and this data is used as a reference only.

This product has minor differences in each batch, such as model or packing, for random delivery.

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